23 May

We’ve moved on over to a shiny new website so we can update more frequently and keep in touch with everyone!  It’s been a while, so here’s what is going on in our world:

-We’ve changed our title to “The Love of Beer” (pretty much we just took out “For” in hopes of avoiding legal action).

-Kickstarter was a huge success!  Check out the “We love our sponsors” menu to the right to see all the wonderful, wonderful people who helped us reach our goal.

-We’ve handed the hard drive over to our very capable second editor, Garrett Russell.  He’ll be doing graphic work and giving the film a pacing/timing cut and just polishing things up in general.  Once he’s done we’ll be in picture lock, meaning it will be time for color, music, and sweetening before our upcoming theatrical release (cue suspense music here.  We’ll be releasing an exact date soon!)

This are moving quickly around here…in a few weeks we’ll be getting the kickstarter incentives to deliver, and in a few months we’ll have a finished, feature length documentary to distribute, promote, and show the world!


Alison Grayson

Producer, The Love of Beer


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