We are picture locked!

6 Jun

Coming in at 69 minutes and 42 seconds (couldn’t have planned that if I tried) we are officially picture locked! Picture locked means that no more cuts will be made to the image…ie, we’re off to get started with color, audio, credits, and soundtracking.


We have a meeting with the lovely FocusFocus! (www.focusfocusband.com) tomorrow and we’ll be meeting with our colorist and sound engineer later this week as well.  I am stoked to see the transformation that audio and music will provide.


I want to thank everyone who has been involved thus far…I’ve said it before but it really is true–this film could not have been made without your help!

Our picture locked timeline...expect the lower audio half to get a lot snazzier in the next two months!


Cheers and Love,


Producer, The Love of Beer


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