Less than a week to go…

14 Aug

There’s less than a week till our premier and I can not be more thankful to everyone whose helped out so far.

Huge, huge thanks to our newest sponsors: Jack Joyce of Rogue Ales has been kind enough to donate usage of the Rogue Bus to transport the Beer Bloggers to the Bagdad, which will be driven by the wonderous folks at Brewvana Bus Tours .

It’s  been busy with appearances and  interviews-Thanks to the Oregon Brew Crew for having me speak at their meeting last week.  Come out and join PDX Beer Week coordinator Ezra Johnson-Greenough and I at the  the NoPo Brews meeting Tuesday the 6th at 7.  I’ll be screening the trailer (technology depending), talking about the film, and hanging out.

If you missed our Beer O’Clock interview, courtesy of the lovely Lisa Morrison, follow the link to hear the archived version.  We’ll be on live streaming web tv  with Byron Beck this Tuesday…I’ll be joined by both Lisa Morrison and Ezra.  Along with talk of PDX Beer Week and The Love of Beer, Ezra will be mixing up come beer cocktails.  Check out “Have You Heard with Byron Beck” to see how well I fare on live broadcast! (eep).


Don’t forget-  we’re not the only event happening next week.  Check out PDX Beer Week to see all the other awesome events going on this week.


Cheers, Love, and dear gawd the 20th is coming up quickly,



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