As of late

29 Aug

Sheesh.  We’ve learned that navagating through the film festival world is beyond a full time job.  We’ve currently submitted to 9 festivals, and we plan on submitting to a dozen or so more.  Unfortunately, we won’t be able to have DVDs or internet downloads available until after many of these festivals, so for all those kickstarter supporters (and everyone else wanting a DVD) we thank you for your super awesome patience.  It will be a few months until we find out wether or not we’ve gotten into any fests, but we’ll be sure to let you know in internet-ville as soon as we find out.

There’s a lot of restrictions on where we can screen and still be accepted into certain festivals, so we’ll be tip toe-ing around events in certain regions.  Things are in the works for fall events in Eugene and Bend, we’re scheeming about winter festivities in Ashland, and we’ll  be adding some other NW cities to the list soon.  As always, once things are closer to being solidified, we’ll be bombarding the internets with information.  If you’re interested in doing an event  in your neck of the woods, email at!


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