Is it seriously December?

6 Dec

Hey all!  Just wanted to briefly touch base.  We’ve decided to lay low for December and avoid the holiday competition, but we’ll be back full force with screenings once the new year starts.  Our last 2011 screening was great, thanks to Oakshire Brewing and 16Tons/Supreme Bean.

With a breather from screenings, we’ll be focusing on putting together the consumer DVDs (special features, etc), scheduling  tours, and continuing to move the project forward.  The film festivals we’ve submitted to start informing us of our status in January, so the next few months will really impact next year’s screening plans.

Meanwhile, we have events brewing in Southern Oregon, Canada, San Diego, San Francisco, and Phoenix, just to name a few.  Plans are still in the early stages, but once we have dates you can bet they’ll be in our upcoming screenings section, along with information on any film festivals that we get accepted into.  Feel free to contact us at if you’re interested in hosting a screening or would like to see us screen at your local beer week, pub, or theater!

Thanks, Cheers, and have a wonderful holiday season!


-Alison Grayson

Producer, The Love of Beer


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