Deep Thoughts by our Director

11 Mar

People often ask me why I narrowed down my subject matter so specifically to the women of the Pacific NW beer industry.  My answer is that, while there’s been several documentaries made about craft beer and beer culture, none of these projects really explore the people behind the product.  There are so many women in the NW who enjoy beer, but so few of them work inside the industry–and the ones who do are amazing people.  I wanted to tell their stories not because they’re women, not because they’re women in a male dominated industry, but because they’re wonderfully passionate people who struggle to balance what they love to do with their personal, social, and family lives.  Tonya Cornett isn’t a great brewer because she’s a woman.  She’s a great brewer because she’s dedicated, driven, talented, and makes amazing beers.  Sarah Pederson isn’t particularly remarkable for balancing a new family and a career.  She’s remarkable because she’s created one of Portland’s premier beer bar from scratch, and she seamlessly balances her role as a new mother with her role in what many consider to be an “adult” industry.  These women aren’t fighting for feminism or equality.  They’re fighting for the love of beer.

-Alison Grayson

Director/Producer, The Love of Beer


2 Responses to “Deep Thoughts by our Director”

  1. Sean March 12, 2012 at 7:10 pm #


    Interesting point….. You may have mentioned this in previous posts, but did the focus of the final cut ever change from your original idea?

    I’m curious for the inside scoop to know how the movie’s final cut is related to the original concept.

    (I assume that once you got started and saw what you had, things changed — even if just slightly.)


    p.s. Big fan of the movie!

    • The Love of Beer March 13, 2012 at 7:28 pm #

      Hey Sean! Glad you liked it, and thanks for all your help with the Portsmouth screening!
      Originally I did expect to find a bit more sexism within the NW beer industry, but while it does still exist here and there, it definitely isn’t the norm. My original concept was just a touch more dramatic, but it became pretty clear early on that that story wasn’t there and the real story was one of passion and celebration.

      The biggest twist from the original is Sarah’s pregnancy–she wasn’t pregnant when we started filming, and until then I hadn’t planned on spending much time discussing pregnancy and motherhood in the beer industry. In retrospect, I can’t imagine the documentary without that part of the story.


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