Downloads are Coming!

14 Aug

Hey all!  You might have noticed that we have a few new categories up top for you to check out.  We’re most excited about our Downloads!! section (you might be able to tell by our excessive use of exclamation points).  This October, we’ll be available across a variety of online platforms, including Amazon Instant Video, Vudo, Playstation, You Tube, Cinema Now, Xbox, and iTunes USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. We’ll be putting links up in early October, so you’ll be able to easily find us on each platform. 

Additionally, we recently expanded our Reviews/Presssection.  Here you’ll find an archive of our media appearances via radio, video, articles, and reviews.  If you have a review or  a bit of media that we’re missing, please send it our way!  We also added a bunch of Stills to the site showcasing some of the amazing people and events featured in the film.  Because really, who doesn’t love photos?

As per what’s coming up, we’ll have some new Events posted soon, as we continue to screen across the country and spreading the word of women, craft beer, and independent film.  We’re also approaching our anniversary- can you believe that the completed film will be one year old this August 20th?  We’re scheming up something special for you all on the 20th, so be sure to pop in and see what’s going on!


Alison Grayson

Producer, The Love of Beer


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