The Love of Beer is one year old!

21 Aug

That’s right, and we’re finding it hard to believe.  We screened at the Bagdad Theater to an audience of over 300 people on August 20th, 2011.  In honor of our anniversary and our upcoming online release, we put together a new trailer for y’all.  If you like what you see, purchase a DVD or find us in October on Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Playstation, You Tube, Cinema Now, Xbox, and iTunes USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe.  We’re also Whole Foods Markets’ Do Something Reel featured film for October.

We can’t begin to thank everyone enough for supporting us for a full year and continuining to support us as we approach our online release.  We’ve learned that making a documentary is one thing, but making a documentary that reaches the masses is a community effort.  Like us on Facebook, Tweet with us, write an IMDB review, and help us continue to spread the word of amazing craft beer and passionate women.  
You guys are awesome.  Now, trailer time!


Dig the Music?  Check out some more of the awesome tracks by Jedadiah Bernards


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