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4 Jan

That’s right, The Love of Beer is now available for free streaming on Hulu!    Search “The Love of Beer” or head here to stream us, share us, and spread the love.



We are international!

13 Feb

DVDs are now available anywhere and everywhere with a valid mailing address! Head to our buy a DVD page and help us spread the love of craft beer, women, and passion around the world!Who says girls can't brew

The Love of Beer comes to Nebraska!

11 Jan
The Love of Beer Movie Night 
Sponsored by the Barley’s Angels of Nebraska & Quality Brands of Omaha 
Open to the Public ~ Tickets only $5
Only 50 seats available so buy your tickets today!
(through a PayPal purchase ( – just note your name and that you’re attending the Love of Beer Movie)
Monday January 28th at 6pm
Quality Brands Tap Room
13255 Centech Road, Omaha, NE 68138

Share the gift of kick *ss women and beer!

4 Dec

Hey all!  We’ve been pretty quiet as of late, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have something awesome brewing for you this holiday season. 

All DVDs are now buy one, get one free!*

Buy one for yourself and one to gift, or send both of them out into the gift giving world.   Perfect for the beer fan, film enthusiast, and awesome people lover in your life.

For ordering, go HERE!


If DVDs just aren’t your thing, rent or download us online!  Just follow this handy link.



*Standard shipping rates apply.  We can currently only ship within the US and Canada, but international shipping is coming in January!  Buy one get one free offer valid though the holiday season while supplies last.

We are Live!!

3 Oct

It’s official- We are live and online!  Visit our Downloads!! page for a complete list of where and how to find us, or visit our home page via Film Buff for more information.

We’re also super stoked for October to have finally arrived–mainly because we’re Whole Foods Market’s Do Something Reel Film Festival’s featured film for the month!  Watch our exclusive meet the Director Interview, see where to download the film, learn more about this amazing festival, and scope out future month’s films on their website.

We’ve also added new screenings to our Events page, including our upcoming Florida Premier, held by Whole Foods Market South Beach.  We also have new information on our Boston area and Ann Arbor, MI screenings. We’ll have additional screenings posted soon, so check in often.
On a personal note, it’s been a whirlwind of a month.  I spend September traveling off the grid along the Green and Colorado Rivers providing audio to the documentary production, Les Voyageurs Sans Trace It was an amazing crew and an amazing experience, and I want to voice my appreciation for my wonderful temp team members Daniel and Eric for holding down the beer fort and keeping The Love of Beer moving forward while I’ve been gone.  Thank you!!!


Alison Grayson

Producer, The Love of Beer

The Love of Beer is one year old!

21 Aug

That’s right, and we’re finding it hard to believe.  We screened at the Bagdad Theater to an audience of over 300 people on August 20th, 2011.  In honor of our anniversary and our upcoming online release, we put together a new trailer for y’all.  If you like what you see, purchase a DVD or find us in October on Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Playstation, You Tube, Cinema Now, Xbox, and iTunes USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe.  We’re also Whole Foods Markets’ Do Something Reel featured film for October.

We can’t begin to thank everyone enough for supporting us for a full year and continuining to support us as we approach our online release.  We’ve learned that making a documentary is one thing, but making a documentary that reaches the masses is a community effort.  Like us on Facebook, Tweet with us, write an IMDB review, and help us continue to spread the word of amazing craft beer and passionate women.  
You guys are awesome.  Now, trailer time!


Dig the Music?  Check out some more of the awesome tracks by Jedadiah Bernards

Downloads are Coming!

14 Aug

Hey all!  You might have noticed that we have a few new categories up top for you to check out.  We’re most excited about our Downloads!! section (you might be able to tell by our excessive use of exclamation points).  This October, we’ll be available across a variety of online platforms, including Amazon Instant Video, Vudo, Playstation, You Tube, Cinema Now, Xbox, and iTunes USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. We’ll be putting links up in early October, so you’ll be able to easily find us on each platform. 

Additionally, we recently expanded our Reviews/Presssection.  Here you’ll find an archive of our media appearances via radio, video, articles, and reviews.  If you have a review or  a bit of media that we’re missing, please send it our way!  We also added a bunch of Stills to the site showcasing some of the amazing people and events featured in the film.  Because really, who doesn’t love photos?

As per what’s coming up, we’ll have some new Events posted soon, as we continue to screen across the country and spreading the word of women, craft beer, and independent film.  We’re also approaching our anniversary- can you believe that the completed film will be one year old this August 20th?  We’re scheming up something special for you all on the 20th, so be sure to pop in and see what’s going on!


Alison Grayson

Producer, The Love of Beer