Return of the Pink Hoodie

3 Aug

We’d like to thank everyone who visited us at our booth this past week at the Oregon Brewers Festival.  We had a blast sharing space with the wonderful Women Enjoying Beer and Beer Connoisseur Magazine.  We also had the honor of being visited by the lovely ladies of Portland Pick.  Take a minute to check out the video they did on The Love of Beer with Producer Alison Grayson.  Thanks, Portland Pick!




Live TV Clip

9 Jun

Hey all!  I had the honor of being on KATU’s AM Northwest live this morning.  For those of you out of the region, KATU is the greater Portland area’s ABC affiliate.  A lot of the questions were very brewing business oriented, so I hope that my answers did justice to all the amazing brewers and brewery owners out there!


Thanks and Cheers,



29 May

Hey you lovely, lovely people,

It’s been a while since our last post… we’ve been busy adding some awesome people to The Love of Beer’s team to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to supply you with your full dose of love and virtual beer.  We’ll be introducing these awesometastic people to you in the upcoming weeks, so keep in touch!

As per what’s happening in the world of The Love of Beer, we have some great screenings coming up, including a long awaited return to Portland OR on June 14th with the NW Film Center. DVDs are still available and still a steal at $10 with shipping–we’re going to be working with companies on DVD and Broadcast distribution soon, and we can’t guarantee that these prices will be around for much longer.  But we can promise that DVDs will always be available directly through our site, and that you’ll still be able to set up screenings through as we continue to grow.

We’d like to send out a giant thank you to Deschutes Brewery and  Green Flash Brewing Co for showing us some great San Diego hospitality.  We couldn’t think of a better way to release our DVDs than with Deschute’s Base Camp, and we had an amazing time screening to a crowd of 70 at the Green Flash Brewery. We’d also like to thank Neva Parker of White Labs and Laura Ulrich of Stone Brewing for taking part in the panel discussion–thank you for the great insights!

As per our other May screenings,  thanks goes out Avery Brewing CO in Boulder CO, Backcounty Essentials in Bellingham WA, and Boston Area Beer Enthusiasts Society (BABES) and MA Girls Pint Out.  We’ve been amazed and humbled by the support of the beer and film community since day one, and the love just keeps coming in.  We’ve screened in almost 30 cities and to thousands of people, which is almost unheard of without large scale distribution and a large scale budget.  To everyone who has supported the film, be it through the early days of fundraising, by hosting a screening, or simply by purchasing a DVD–thank you!!

Love and Cheers,

Alison Grayson

Producer, The Love of Beer.

Indie Spirit Win!

24 Apr

We are proud to announce that The Love of Beer won Best Feature Documentary at Indie Spirit Film Festival!  And now, what we’ve all been waiting for (or at least we sure have been…):

Our DVD Release!!

Enjoy Deschutes beer and Chi Chocolat chocolates made with Deschutes Beer.  Meet some of the documentary’s stars, meet our Producer/Director, and have an awesome time.  Can’t make it? DVDs are currently available for pre-sale.

DVD Release!!

18 Apr

Oooh yea.  We can’t express how stoked we are!!  (We’ll be adding additional information about our DVD release in the upcoming days). We also have another major announcement for tonight:


DVDS are available for pre-sale!

Check out our wonderfully updated purchase a DVD page.


Yaaaaay!! We’ll  be updating all of our main pages in the next couple of days, so forgive any “under construction” vibes.  And as always, thank you!!



Alison Grayson

Producer, The Love of Beer.

Deep Thoughts by our Director

11 Mar

People often ask me why I narrowed down my subject matter so specifically to the women of the Pacific NW beer industry.  My answer is that, while there’s been several documentaries made about craft beer and beer culture, none of these projects really explore the people behind the product.  There are so many women in the NW who enjoy beer, but so few of them work inside the industry–and the ones who do are amazing people.  I wanted to tell their stories not because they’re women, not because they’re women in a male dominated industry, but because they’re wonderfully passionate people who struggle to balance what they love to do with their personal, social, and family lives.  Tonya Cornett isn’t a great brewer because she’s a woman.  She’s a great brewer because she’s dedicated, driven, talented, and makes amazing beers.  Sarah Pederson isn’t particularly remarkable for balancing a new family and a career.  She’s remarkable because she’s created one of Portland’s premier beer bar from scratch, and she seamlessly balances her role as a new mother with her role in what many consider to be an “adult” industry.  These women aren’t fighting for feminism or equality.  They’re fighting for the love of beer.

-Alison Grayson

Director/Producer, The Love of Beer

Bam! Zap! Zing!!

8 Feb

We’re locking in the final logistics for our mini-tour and getting ready to leave Thursday morning.  This is our first official tour, so we’re excited to see how it goes and how to make the next one bigger and better.

We’d love to see you along the way! Details are on our Upcoming Screenings page.

2/09 Eugene OR with Ninkasi Brewing at David Minor Theater, leading into the KLCC Microbeer Fest!

2/11 Ashland OR at Caldera Brewing

2/12 Healdsburg CA at Bear Republic (California Premier, and our film maker’s birthday!)

2/13 Petaluma CA at Lagunitas Brewing Company

2/14 San Francisco CA at 18 Reasons (sold out!)

Meanwhile, on more familiar domain, we’re thrilled to pair with Brewvana Bus Tours for a 2/14 Valentine (or anti-Valentine) beer bus tour that culminates in a screening at Saraveza in Portland OR.  Come via the bus, or just pop in for the free screening.  We love the people at Saraveza, so say hello on our behalf!

We’re proud to announce some more awesome premiers:

2/18 marks both our SW/Texas Premier, and our first film festival!  Join us at the Thin Line Film Festival in Denton TX.

2/22 and 2/24 will be our Arizona Premier, during Phoenix Beer week.  We’ll be in attendance at The Film Bar via the awesome folks in the Arizona Homebrew Association, so come by and say hello.

We’re stoked to announce 3/02 as our East Coast Premier at  The Music Hall in Portsmouth NH.  The screening will be followed by an industry panel, and is not to be missed.

3/07- We’re headed north for our Washington Premier to the mini beervana at The Pickford Theater.  They’ll be much more to announce on this one, so stay tuned.

We are seriously excited as the film continues to grow and travel, and we want to deeply thank everyone whose helped us along the way.  If you’re interested in seeing a screening in your area, please check out our Screen Us! page or email us at

But enough about screenings.  We’ve been frantically working on the home front (office front?) putting together our consumer DVDs.  We’ve edited a smattering of exclusive extended and deleted scenes, and are in the process of putting together our subtitles.  From there comes a vigorous testing round, finalization of cover art, and then off to the printers.  We anticipate a release in early spring, complete with a big huzzah release party (our super duper awesomely patient sponsors will be getting a special early DVD release!).

As always, I want to thank everyone for their continued support with this film.  Independent film making is a long, slow endeavor, and we’ve been making solid progress with getting the film out there and seen by as many people as we can.  We ❤ you all.


Alison Grayson

Producer, The Love of Beer