TV/Web Appearances:

<p><a href=”″>Have You Heard? Hosted By Byron Beck: Episode #26</a> from <a href=””>earth2world</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

We can’t embed this one with WordPress, but check out our live TV appearance on AM Northwest!

Radio Appearances:

NHPR (New Hampshire News)

Beer Radio  With Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer

 Beer O’Clock with Beer Goddess Lisa Morrison (we’ve been informed that the link is down–we’ll fix this asap!)

Written Reviews:

Have a review?  Send it our way or better yet, add it to our IMDB page

Check out the awesomeness that other people have had to say:

Man, I Love FilmsGreat review by Thaddeus Zwolfe

Bitch Beer- need we say more?

Downtown Phoenix  Journal– By Rob Fullmer, president of Arizona Society of Homebrewers.

Hood River News -via Jim Drake’s Entertainment Blog

The Daily Muse– okay, so we just have a little blurb, but check out this great article about intro level beer tasting anyway!

Brewpublic – very thorough review by Brewpublic’s founder, Angelo DeIeso

New School Beer Blog– review of our August 20th screening, with a little film review action thrown in.

Be Portland– full movie review

Brewvana– Review of the August 20th screening and the film.

Facebook/Twitter Reviews:

-“I watched the documentary with a lump in my throat and tear in my eye. Thank you for creating this documentary. It was moving in many ways and thank you for addressing the taboo subject of childbearing as a professional woman. Cheers to amazing women!” -Julia Ratcliff

-“You captured the extraordinary personalities & talent of the women you highlighted in your film…One more thing, on the way home I stopped @ the store and bought a craft beer from one of the brewers I saw on screen.”– Annette Hadaway

-“A sensitive yet honest appraisal of women’s strength and joy. Cheers to you and all involved” -The Beer Babe

-“I was looking forward to it for weeks….and was both thoroughly entertained and educated!”  – Mark Carver

-”What a great portrayal of passion in brewing, and the women who help spearhead the craft beer movement. Simply awesome.” – The Beer Goddess

Don’t see your video, radio link, or review up here?  Ruh roah!  Email us at and we’ll get it up in a jiffy!


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